Top Wrestlers

World and Olympic Silver Medalist Greg Gibson, being inducted to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in June 2007. Photo by Larry Slater

Outstanding Alumni

Below is a list of the various outstanding individuals who have been a part of the University of Oregon wrestling program. Please let us know of people we are missing! We will add them. We don’t know all of you, but would like to have you up here.

  • Dr. Glen Jarrett, 1991 NCAA All American
  • Dr. Dan Vidlak, 2x NCAA All American, 1989, 1990
  • Dr. John Miller (deceased), 1969 NCAA Champion
  • Greg Gibson, National Wrestling Hall of Fame, World and Olympic Silver Medalist, Retired USMC
  • Jeremy Ensrud, 2x All American, current HS coach in Canby, OR
  • Chael Sonnen, NCAA All American, Olympic Trials runner up, MMA Fighter, co owner of FCFF
  • Kevin Keeney, Owner and operator of All Phase Wrestling Club, co owner of FCFF
  • Curt Strahm, 1991 All American, Eugene area business
  • Kevin Roberts, 2x All American, asst. coach - Oregon State University
  • Ken Kesey, author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” ranked in the top 10 of Oregon Wrestling’s all time winning percentage
  • Lee Allen, 2x Olympian, Olympic coach, and Head Coach of the Menlo College Women’s Wrestling team
  • Joe Sade, Olympian
  • Darryl Christian, 2x Greco-Roman National Champion
  • Bruce Glenn, longtime high school coach in Albany, Oregon
  • Scott Glenn, NCAA All American
  • Dean Dixon, PAC 8 Champion, 20 years as assistant coach
  • Cam Strahm
  • Shane Webster, 2006 NCAA Champion
  • Scott Bliss, 2x All-American, holds the most career wins in Oregon history.
  • Jeff Steubing, 2x Pac 10 Champ, Member of 1984 Canadian Olympic Team
  • Mike Erb, 3x Pac 10 Champ NCAA All-American, World championship placer
  • Ryan Kelly, NCAA all American
  • Bill Nugent, NCAA All American, 2x US Open champion Silver Medalist in World Cup
  • Dan Cook, Pac 10 Champ
  • Don Brown, Pac 10 Champ, NCAA All American
  • Rick O’Shea, Pac 10 Champ

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Courtesy of Oregon Sports Information

Great Oregonians in Wrestling

Here are some of the great people and athletes that the state of Oregon can be proud of, who did not necessarily graduate from the University of Oregon, but represent the talent that the state produces. Here are just a few to begin with, there are many more. Send us info.

  • Fred Fozzard-1969 World Freestyle Champion (the first American)
  • Rick Sanders- 2x Olympic Silver Medalist (72, 76)
  • Greg Gibson-World Silver Medalist
  • Matt Lindland- Olympic Silver Medalist (2000)
  • Robin Reid-Olympic Champion
  • Les Gutches- 2x NCAA Champion, Olympian and World Champion
  • Dan Russell-4x NCAA champion
  • Ron Finley-1964 Olympian and 1984 Olympic Coach
  • John Miller-1969 NCAA Champion
  • Jess Lewis-2x NCAA Champion, Olympian and All American football player
  • Oscar Wood-2004 Olympian
  • Bill Nugent- US Open Champion
  • Greg Strobel-2x NCAA Champion and Head Coach Lehigh University
  • Dale Thomas-longtime OSU Coach 1957-1990 (616 wins-NCAA record).
  • Larry Owings - NCAA Champion for Washington and the only man to beat Dan Gable in college.