Petition to Reinstate Oregon Wrestling

To: University of Oregon Administration

We, the undersigned, believe that the wrestling program at the University of Oregon should be reinstated.

The wrestling team would well represent the University, as its tradition includes 2 NCAA Champions, 31 NCAA All Americans, 6 Olympic team members, and one distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The reinstatement of the wrestling team would follow the mission statement provided by the University of Oregon Athletic Department (as stated on "to provide educational opportunities for those interested in athletics-related careers, such as coaching, teaching or administration." Reinstating the program will provide opportunities for those at Oregon, and also help rebuild the Pac-12 Athletic Conference wrestling programs.

Please consider the reinstatement of the University of Oregon wrestling team for the good of our student athletes, the community, as well as intercollegiate athletics in general.

The Undersigned

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