Important Facts

Below are important speaking points (provided by the NWCA) that should be considered when contacting members of the administration or the media.

More facts will be coming soon.

  • Intercollegiate Wrestling fully supports the mission of University of Oregon athletics, Pac-10, and the NCAA. Specifically, one of the main objectives stated on the website is:

    “To provide educational opportunities for those interested in athletics-related careers, such as coaching, teaching or administration.”

  • This is particularly important to note because historically, the University of Oregon wrestling program has played a major role in replenishing the depleted pool of high school and middle school teachers/wrestling coaches in the Northwest. In fact, in the Northwest U.S., there are approximately 33,000 high school wrestlers and only nine NCAA intercollegiate wrestling teams (about 270 college roster spots).

  • Eliminating the University of Oregon wrestling team could force the entire Pac-10 Wrestling Conference to dissolve based on having too few Pac-10 schools sponsoring wrestling.
  • University of Oregon is virtually guaranteed a nationally competitive wrestling team simply by sponsoring the sport. On average, approximately 80-85% of all D-I schools with a wrestling program will advance at least one wrestler to the NCAA’s each year. This is primarily because we have approximately 250,000 high school wrestlers and only 220 NCAA member institutions with wrestling teams.
  • The elite academic reputation of University of Oregon is very similar to the IVY League schools. Even without scholarships, several IVY League wrestling programs (i.e. Cornell, Penn, etc) are among our most nationally competitive wrestling programs.
  • Intercollegiate wrestling is relatively inexpensive to sponsor based on the NCAA’s cost per student-athlete estimates.
  • University of Oregon has a rich wrestling tradition as evidenced by having two NCAA Champions, 31 NCAA All Americans, and six Olympic team members. Further, University has one distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
  • If it is in the best interest of University of Oregon to have baseball, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of wrestling. Let’s work together to have both.